Montana Wilderness Big Game Hunting Trips

Our personal goal in operating the K Lazy 3 is to provide a first class western big game hunting experience for our clients. We sincerely care about your big game hunt and want you to be totally satisfied with us. We can’t promise weather conditions, but we prepare for your big game hunt with good guides and cooks; excellent equipment and horses. We will hunt from daylight to dark to help secure your game and ensure you the best possibility of a successful and enjoyable big game hunt. Come to the K Lazy 3 with the outlook that you are going to have a great time, meet some new friends, see some spectacular country, and experience some true wilderness big game hunting. In the end, it’s the hunt and the comradery of the K Lazy 3 you will remember long after the kill.

These hunts are the traditional old fashion western big game hunts where we pack in with mules and take a horseback trail ride into a wilderness camp. For some, this is a once-in-a-lifetime wilderness travel opportunity. Many have become regular guests and good friends who have made repeated hunting adventures with us into the mountains.

We provide camps and guiding services for elk hunting, mule deer hunting and mountain goat hunting. We have three different hunting areas which we operate at different times of the hunting season, providing you the best opportunity in the taking of each of these three game species.

With the fire affected areas that we hunt the increased forage has helped produce our large population of animals. We have taken a number of trophy big game animals, but we have always left more trophy animals on the mountain than we have packed into camp. This ensures that we can continuously provide opportunities at truly exceptional quality animals.

I (Brett) guide and manage the camps. We hire guides who know the areas and are enthusiastic hunters. Several of them have been with us since we began outfitting in these areas. They will field dress the game and cape out the heads. In all cases our guides will adjust their pace to match the physical abilities of the hunter. It is not our policy to push the hunter beyond their limit just to improve “kill ratios”. These guys are first class, you will enjoy them!

We have some real trophy animals in our areas. Last year we saw a number of trophies that anyone would be proud to hang on their wall. We have an excellent taxidermist in Lincoln. Jay Roberson has his shop in Lincoln, where you could see some of his work before or after the hunt. We also have a local meat processor. We deliver the game to him, he will cut to your specifications, package and sharp freeze it for shipping. Most hunters take it on the plane on their return trip. The choice is up to you!

The choice is up to you as to hunting dates! The camps are comfortable for all types of weather, with a lot of good food and western hospitality. We will do our best to make your hunt enjoyable and successful!

For our big game hunting, see our Montana Elk Hunting page, our Montana Mule Deer Hunting and our Montana Mountain Goat Hunting page. For a photo gallery of all our hunts from prior years, see ourPhoto Gallery page. For license and hunt pricing, please visit our Montana Hunting Rates/Deposit/Schedule page.

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