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Paul Dietrich - Big 6x6 Scoring 333"Montana Wilderness Elk Hunting. Our two tent camps for the Montana Elk Hunts in the Scapegoat Wilderness are 14 and 18 miles from Indian Meadows Trailhead, which is 60 miles Northwest of Helena, Montana. Our Montana Elk Hunts are conducted in hunting area 280, which is one of only three areas in the state that offer early season bugle hunts, starting September 15th, with a rifle. That gives us a huge advantage during the peak of the rut! Hunting area 280 has a brow-tine bull regulation and that produces an excellent mature bull to cow ratio. Our elk numbers are above Montana FWP objectives, this also enables our hunters to harvest a cow should they desire. Most of our hunters choose the combination license on this hunt, as we have some trophy mule deer and a creek full of cutthroat trout as well. These Scapegoat Wilderness Hunts are limited to 6 hunters per hunt.


Greg Schubert - Another big 6x6

Days start early in hunting camp, with guides and wranglers saddling horses and the cook preparing a hearty family style breakfast. An early horseback ride out from camp will put you in a prime hunting area before dawn. We generally spend the day elk hunting on foot, ending up back at camp or at the pickup point where the horses will be a welcome sight to carry you back to camp. If your preference is for a more relaxed hunt, a short hike from camp is available and can also be productive.


Drew Marcozzi took this massive Mule Deer in Scotty CreekNow for the reward, a large hearty family style dinner and the opportunity to give the details of the one you bagged or the big 6×6 that got away. The accommodations in our camp consist of an 18 X 24 cook tent, 14 X 17 sleeping tents, a shower tent, and a tack and equipment tent. Each sleeping tent handles 3 to 4 people with cots and foam pads, a wood stove, and plenty of room for personal gear. It is not the Holiday Inn, but is really quite comfortable for all types of weather. Meals are prepared by a full time cook and served family style in the cook tent for breakfast and dinner, with daily sack lunches provided for each hunter. You will enjoy hearty meals of roasts, ham, turkey, steaks and plenty of fresh baked goodies.


Great Hunt!! 9 for 10 on a Scapegoat Wilderness hunt!We sincerely care about your Montana big game hunt and want you to be totally satisfied with us. We can’t promise weather conditions, but we prepare for your big game hunt with well qualified guides and cooks; excellent equipment and horses. We will hunt from daylight to dark to help secure your game and ensure you the best possibility of a successful and enjoyable hunt. Come to the K Lazy Three with the outlook that you are going to have a great time, meet some new friends, see some spectacular country and experience some true wilderness big game hunting. In the end, it’s the hunt and the comradely of the K Lazy Three you will remember long after the kill.

While Elk are the primary focus in our Scapegoat camp, we also have some trophy level Mule Deer that can be taken for those with a Combination Big Game license. For our primary Mule Deer hunts, see our Montana Mule Deer Hunting page for information on our Deer Creek Mule Deer hunting camp. For an opportunity at the high country majestic Mountain Goat, see our Montana Mountain Goat Hunting page. For our spring Black Bear hunts see our Montana Spring Black Bear Hunting page. For a photo gallery of all our Elk hunts from last year, see our Photo Gallery page. For license and hunt pricing, please visit our Montana Hunting Rates/Deposit/Schedule page.

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