Montana Mountain Goat Hunting Guides & Outfitters

We hunt the mountain goats in the Boulder River drainage (region 323) late in the season when the snow has come and the Billy’s are in the peak of rut. While the weather is less predictable, the hide is in absolutely prime condition with the long winter hair which results in maximum “chaps”, with the added advantage that the goats are more consolidated.

This is the ultimate spot and stalk hunt where the day is spent spotting the goats on the mountain side. When the trophy is spotted, the stalk strategy and course is established and then the excitement of the stalk and the final taking of the “king” of the mountain – a trophy Billy!

We use the horses and mules to carry you, the guide, the gear, the traveling camp and the trophy. This ensures that the hunter and guide save their energy for the stalk, which is primarily on foot.

We sincerely care about your Montana big game hunt and want you to be totally satisfied with us. We can’t promise weather conditions, but we prepare for your big game hunt with well qualified guides and cooks; excellent equipment and horses. We will hunt from daylight to dark to help secure your game and ensure you the best possibility of a successful and enjoyable hunt. Come to the K Lazy Three with the outlook that you are going to have a great time, meet some new friends, see some spectacular country and experience some true wilderness big game hunting. In the end, it’s the hunt and the comradely of the K Lazy Three you will remember long after the kill.

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