Montana Wilderness Spring Black Bear Hunting!

Montana Wilderness Black Bear Hunt: Our tent camp for the spring black bear hunt is in the Scapegoat Wilderness area 14 miles from the Indian Meadows trail head, which is 60 miles northwest of Helena. Our spring black bear hunt is conducted in area 280 during the second week of June.

We have taken fall black bears during our early season rifle hunts in September and October, but do to the snow pack and the Montana FWP setting the close of the spring bear season in 280 at May 31st every year, we have not been able to offer the spring black bear hunts. In 2012 the FWP changed the closing date of May 31st to June 15th. I then got approval from the Forest Service to add the new spring black bear hunt category of use on my permit. We are now approved and I am excited to get in there and harvest the bears as soon as they are coming out of hibernation. Do to the snowpack and May 31st closing, basically no one has taken any spring bears out of 280 prior to 2012. The unique combination part of the trip that is that we have some awesome fishing for West Slope Cutthroat and Rainbow Trout. As bears tend to be not very active in the morning hours, we will be fishing while the guides are glassing for bears and in the afternoon till dark we will be riding the ridges and glassing for a spot and stalk style hunt. We have an old burn area of 1988 in the Scapegoat and as a result about 50% of the mature stand tree cover is gone. In it’s place now, is a regen forest of new growth saplings. The bears love to grub in those areas and they are easy to spot from ridge to ridge.

I have set the spring black bear hunt date for the 2nd week of June. This is a 7 day hunt where it takes most of the first day to get packed into our Meadow Creek Camp, then 5 full days of hunting/fishing and the 7th day is to get packed out.

We sincerely care about your Montana big game hunt and want you to be totally satisfied with us. We can’t promise weather conditions, but we prepare for your big game hunt with well qualified guides and cooks; excellent equipment and horses. We will hunt from daylight to dark to help secure your game and ensure you the best possibility of a successful and enjoyable hunt. Come to the K Lazy Three with the outlook that you are going to have a great time, meet some new friends, see some spectacular country and experience some true wilderness big game hunting. In the end, it’s the hunt and the comradely of the K Lazy Three you will remember long after the kill.

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